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Do you need the assistance of top-grade heavy machinery to harvest your grain? Are you looking for a place to store and grind it? You are in luck!

woman collects tomatoesWe proudly present to you, North Central Steel Company Inc!

Situated in Minneapolis KS, we are a agriculture contractor who can provide everything for your agriculture needs – from farming equipment, to storage silos! We have been in the agriculture business for 52 years – helping folks with a wide array of agricultural services:

  • providing top-grade farming equipment
  • delivering farming supplies
  • supplying grain handling equipment
  • grain mill grinding
  • agriculture  storage
  • construction of agriculture facilities
  • and much, much more!

North Central Steel Company Inc
1349 Golden Rd Minneapolis, KS 67467
(785) 392-2077

Jun 07, 2013 by Patrick P

North Central Steel Company Inc are able to undertake a wide range of works and complete all works swiftly to a satisfactory standard. North Central Steel Company Inc are particularly good at undertaking/responding to urgent/emergency works.
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North Central Steel Company Inc is a Minneapolis KS agricultural company, that has dedicated its existence to the people who care for the earth, and the harvest it provides! When a farmer decides to increase the yield of his harvest, he needs to make a lot of additional preparations, for the new harvest. Often, this will mean expanding his product base, increasing the workload of grain processing machines – , and so forth! We are a agriculture contractor who can help out in a number of ways, like for example:

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Providing bigger facilities, to accommodate and process a larger harvest!

a man planted

As an agricultural contractor, North Central Steel Company Inc has the ability to construct agriculture  storage facilities! Minneapolis KS farmers and proprietors, have one thing thing in common – they both need the agricultural services of a professional! Upon request, we can make calculations and plans for every service you need!! Our company can construct a housing for harvest, however in many cases people use our respective facilities to house their grain!

Encouraging enterprising individuals toward agricultural progress!

A lot of our respected clients have benefited from the alliance with our outstanding agricultural company! Time and time again, our business has assisted them with an incredible amount of equipment, resources and support. In the end, business partners can become friends. The professional teams of our agricultural contractors are always ready to help you and your agriculture business out – by providing you with the leading agricultural equipment that will help you plow, seed, reap, collect and much more!

A quality process produces a quality product!

When clients do business with us, it is because they know about our quality, or have heard of it. Our agricultural company possesses machines that are top of the line – they are regularly maintained and sure to perform impeccably! A stronger machine allows for swift and precise processing of the land and the harvest! Once the crop has grown in an ideally maintained environment, it will produce a result – higher in quantity, and in quality!

fresh peachesOur agricultural contractor always thinks about the future.- this is why we advise folks to consider our professional agricultural services! All of our agricultural services are delivered at competitive and affordable prices! If you require more information on our products and services, call the phone number below, and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Call us at (785) 392-2077!